The Oxygene Language. This is not your Daddy's Pascal.

* Fire is still in development, and available as Preview. It still has some rough edges, but it's generally very usable for production work. The Fire download contains the release-stable version of the Elements 8.2 compiler. Read more.

JavaServer Pages

Build websites using Tomcat and JavaServer Pages

Windows Metro

Build touch apps for Windows RT and Metro

Cross-Platform Servers

Build powerful cross-platform server solutions


Builds Cocoa Touch apps for iPhone and iPad


Build native 64-bit Cocoa Apps for OS X


Build 100% native Dalvik apps for Android

Windows Desktop

Build rich business apps for Windows

Applets & Servlets

Build client and server web apps with Applets & Servlets


Build websites using ASP.NET and MVC


Build rich web client apps using Silverlight

Windows Phone

Build great apps for Windows Phone 7 and 8

...ands lots more

The Sky is the Limit.
Between .NET, Java and Cocoa, Oxygene is everywhere you want to go.

Love the idea of Oxygene, but prefer a different language?
Check out RemObjects C#, Swift or Iodine (Java)!