The Oxygene Language. This is not your Daddy's Pascal.

* Fire is still in development, and available as Preview. It still has some rough edges, but it's generally very usable for production work. The Fire download contains the release-stable version of the Elements 8.2 compiler. Read more.

Windows Desktop

Build rich business apps for Windows


Build 100% native Dalvik apps for Android

Applets & Servlets

Build client and server web apps with Applets & Servlets


Builds Cocoa Touch apps for iPhone and iPad

Windows Metro

Build touch apps for Windows RT and Metro


Build rich web client apps using Silverlight


Build websites using ASP.NET and MVC

Windows Phone

Build great apps for Windows Phone 7 and 8

Cross-Platform Servers

Build powerful cross-platform server solutions


Build native 64-bit Cocoa Apps for OS X

JavaServer Pages

Build websites using Tomcat and JavaServer Pages

...ands lots more

The Sky is the Limit.
Between .NET, Java and Cocoa, Oxygene is everywhere you want to go.

Love the idea of Oxygene, but prefer a different language?
Check out RemObjects C#, Swift or Iodine (Java)!