Swift, now also on .NET, Java and Android.
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Silver is a free implementation of Apple's Swift programming language.

With Silver, you can use Swift to write code directly against the .NET, Java, Android and Cocoa APIs. And you can also share a lot of non-UI code between platforms.

Built on over ten years of solid compiler knowledge and technology, Silver is a truly native Swift compiler for the .NET CLR, the Java/Android JVM, the Cocoa runtime and our new native Island platform.

Silver supports three platforms, but is decidedly not cross-platform, focusing on letting you leverage the Swift language natively for each individual platform, rather than encouraging mediocre cross-platform apps. With Silver, you can share your language and tool expertise, and you can share a lot of back-end business logic code – but you will use it to write apps targeted at each platform individually. Why? Because that's how great apps are made.

Development Environment

Silver is not just a compiler, but a complete toolchain and development environment for creating apps.

For developers working on Windows, Silver integrates deeply with Microsoft's state-of-the-art Visual Studio IDE (Visual Studio 2015 is included for free).

For developers on the Mac, Silver comes with Fire, our own and brand-new development environment designed from the ground up for the Elements compiler and for lightweight, productive work on the Mac.

Read more about the IDEs: Visual Studio | Fire

The Frameworks

Silver embraces each platform's native SDKs and Frameworks. So you're leveraging the native Java and Dalvik APIs on Android, working directly against the .NET and WinRT frameworks on Microsoft's platform, and creating true and native Cocoa apps for Mac, iOS, watchOS and tvOS. All using the Swift language.

At the same time, our (optional) Sugar cross-platform library allows you to share large amounts of back-end code and keep it cross-platform – especially helpful if you are creating "the same" app for different devices.

Sugar is open source, so you can even contribute and extend the library.

Read more about the Frameworks: .NET | Java | Cocoa | Island | Sugar.


On our docs site you will find tutorials for creating your first apps, introductions to the VisualStudio and Fire development environments, more details about the different platforms and their unique features, and more.

Dive into the Silver documentation at

Of course documentation is also integrated directly into the IDE – just press F1.

Convert your existing code to Swift, easily.

Silver comes with a unique feature called "Oxidizer" that lets you convert C#, Java and Objective-C code into Swift with a single click. You can convert code on the fly as you paste it from the clipboard in Fire and Visual Studio, or you can convert whole files as you add them to your project.

Oxidizer is not magic, and it cannot handle every corner case, but it gets you a good step of the way there.

Read more about Oxidizer here, or try it live in action, here on the website:


Silver is one of three programming languages supported by Elements. The other two are RemObjects C# and our own Oxygene language.

All three languages have their advantages and unique benefits, and if you so desire, you can mix all three languages in the same project, on any of the three platforms.

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Download Silver It's Free!

Silver in Action

Help us Support Silver

RemObjects Silver is absolutely free to use.

We're a small company. We have (and continue to) operated self-funded and self-financed for over ten years now, and we have no large backers nor millions of venture capital to finance product development, but we still do need to pay for salaries, rent, test hardware, infrastructure and many other things.

We've always relied on our product revenue for these costs, so making a major new product free is a big change and a big gamble for us. If you like Silver and believe in what we are doing with the product, we'd love for you to consider supporting its development with a small (or not-so-small) financial contribution.


Contribute: $9 $99 $499 $999 $4999  


Any level of contribution will earn you our eternal gratitude. Contributing $99 or more will give you private access to our weekly alpha/beta builds and allow you to be more closely involved with the product team for a year.

Contributing $999 or more will also give you premium email support for a year, and contributing $4999 or more will give you and your company direct access to a contact on the Elements product team via email and IM, and priority consideration for your bug reports and feature requests.

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